Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blue Labyrinth

I was very excited when I received an email asking if I would like to review the latest Pendergast book by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.
After their last book White Fire, which has moved to the list of my favorite Pendergast books, which include Cabinet of Curiosities and Still Life With Crows, I was really looking forward to seeing what was going to happen next.
I wasn't disappointed, this book takes place a few months after the events of White Fire, and we see that Pendergast is on his way back to becoming more like his old self.  
When a dead body of someone close to him is dropped at his door step, Pendergast sets off on an investigation that brings dark family secrets to the present.
We get to see some familiar faces in this book, like D'Agosta, Margo Green, Constance, who we learn just a but more about.  To me she seemed to have become more real, like the other characters.  
This is a stand alone of the series so if you were to pick it up it would be fine, but to really understand all the characters and their relationships and motives it helps to start at the beginning.
The thing that I was really thinking when reading this book, was the Sherlock Holmes story, The Dying Detective, that could be partially because the last book was so much about Sherlock Holmes.  But I really recommend these book to anyone who likes a good thriller.