Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Timeless finished Down and Out in Beverly Heels

I finished Timeless this morning and I really liked it, it's a bit sad to say goodbye to this series.  I think that the first one is still my favorite of the series.  It would defienetly make a great movie or tv series.

So the next book I'm reading is Down and Out in Beverly Heels.  It's written by Kathryn Leigh Scott, who was in the great soap Dark Shadows.  So far it's really good, and I'm looking forward to more books from her.

Fifty Shades of Brains

   I discovered this site when an author I follow on Facebook posted that there was a ARC giveaway of her latest book.  It's called LibraryThing.  I signed up and I won a couple ebooks.  This was the first one I won, and I'm so glad that I did.  It was hilarious, and was written better than the book is was parodying.  I made a list of all the inner personalities that the heroine has, my favorite was the last one on the list.  Also I loved that in this version there isn't a Mrs Robinson, but  Rue McClanahan, who is his “Golden Girl” I loved that.  It was a lot of fun to read.

Aurora’s inner personalities
1.       My inner drill sergeant
2.       My inner sex goddess
3.       My inner smart ass
4.       My inner child
5.       My inner timekeeper
6.       My inner schoolmarm
7.       My internal career counselor
8.       My inner lifeguard
9.       . . .let my inner pals hash it out
10.   My inner angst-ridden teenager
11.   My inner psycho chick
12.   My inner therapist
13.   My inner mathematician
14.   My inner non-sequitur
15.   My inner exhibitionist
16.   My inner fairy godmother
17.   My inner wimp
18.   My inner psychoanalyst
19.   My inner absurdist
20.   My inner fourth grader
21.   My inner school girl
22.   My inner bully
23.   My inner heel
24.   My inner goddess
25.   My inner negotiator
26.   My inner idealist
27.   My inner rebel-without-a-cause
28.   My inner inferiority complex
29.   My inner animal
30.   My inner body clock
31.   My inner badass
32.   My inner elitist
33.   My inner math teacher
34.   My inner soccer mom
35.   My inner gangsta
36.   My inner class clown
37.   My inner kindergartener
38.   My inner grammarian
39.   My inner survivalist
40.   My inner neurotic
41.   My inner zombie hunter
42.   My inner megalomaniac
43.   My inner perfectionist
44.   My inner dominatrix
45.   My inner stylist
46.   My inner girl with the dragon tattoo
My favorite lines from the book
·         “That’s why I came,” he said.  “To protect you.  There’s something about you, Aurora.  Something completely irritating, yet irresistible, like a badly written BDSM novel.  I’m finding it impossible to stay away.”
·         “It’s not a fucking piñata,” Caligula hissed.   “Open your goddamn eyes.”
·         Appendix 1: Rules
Flip back to Chapter 7 if you really need to read these again.  What kind of book would print these twice or three times?  (On second thought, here it is.  It helps pad the page count.)
·         “. . . her caregiver moves aside barely glancing up from her book.  I look at the cover, wondering what the hell could be so engrossing.  Who would read a book about a grey silk tie?
·         “I scan the room, trying to locate a weapon.  The other patient is long gone; the caregiver as well, although she’s left her book.  I wonder briefly if I could somehow smash his skull with the thing, then quickly dismiss the idea.  Too lightweight.  I need something more substantial.”

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Update on what I'm reading now

 I've been rereading the first three books to this series I thought I had read four of them, but as I was reading Heartless I realized that I hadn't read this one, I have now started the last book.  This is a great series, it's a lot of fun and hopefully a movie or a series will be made soon.