Monday, April 21, 2014

It's been too long

So I honestly haven't meant to neglect this blog for as long as I have.  I've been busy with my new hobby, cross stitching.  Here is the Pendergast characters I did for the authors, I gave it to Douglas Preston at the last book signing.  For the next Blood Gospel book I did one of these for James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell I did the ventriloquist dummy for James Rollins too, since that is one of my favorite stories that he tells at his book signings.  I also finished my Literary ABC ATC's, (pictures posted below)
I've tried to remember all the books I've read since I've posted last, but things have been so busy for me lately that I can't remember them all, except for White Fire and Blood of the Lamb, which I haven't finished, it's just didn't pull me in.  Right now I'm reading VC Andrews Dollanganger Series, I'm reading the 4th book at the moment, I'm following two blogs and both bloggers are recapping VC Andrews books and they are both so funny.  I also discovered a podcast called Somebody Wrote this ( it's kind of like How Did This Get Made, but about books. 
I was thinking about what else I could do with this blog and thought I might recap some of my favorite books that I've been wanting to reread.  I may start with Harry Potter or Gone With the Wind, or something completely different.